A world leaders’ triad has revealed itself to the collective. As the world mourned the sad passing of the poet-statesman Havel, it also bore witness to his last humanitarian gesture as he took down the second-spoke in the Axis of Evil, Kim Jong-il. Mr. Kim, as bizarre and impotent in death as he was in life, chose Cheetah (the true king of the jungle, Tarzan’s protestations notwithstanding), aged 80, apparently the world’s oldest, as well as its most famous, chimp.

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2 Responses to Havel/Kim/Cheetah

  1. mellowelvis says:

    I think that there is a missing link – and that is the Christmas Eve Prince Phillip Death Scare. Is it possible that Kim Jung Il set his sights initially on the British Royal but true to form for KJI,he failed. With his remaining strength as a dead celebrity, he then took Cheetah for his own pleasure and companionship (MJ had Bubbles, KJI has Cheetah).

  2. Funkentelic says:

    KJI may aspire to own Cheetah in death, but Cheetah was every bit the world leader that KJI was. He lived a life that was sort of the converse of Havel’s, giving up his jungle throne to pursue his creative dreams before retiring to Florida for some years of well-deserved rest. And, apparently that life agreed with him. That is, up until KJI’s final, pathetic effort to secure himself a friend.

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