Though one should generally not speak ill of the dead, the MEC deems Ryan Dunn’s taking of beloved TV detective Peter Falk as a true “jackass” move. The collective has information that he was in celebrity purgatory doing a mock glass eye routine, which involves rolling one’s eyes in different directions (actually quite easy when you’re dead), trying to get the other celebrities to guess who he was going to choose. Apparently he did not have access to a trench coat. Of course, this was especially offensive to Sammy Davis, Jr., who has a relatively long time to spend in purgatory due to several “hits” he needed to carry out to gain entry to the Rat Pack.

And why would Falk take Betty Ford? Very simple: She could really dance.

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1 Response to Dunn/Falk/Ford

  1. Funkentelic says:

    Punk move by Dunn.

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