In a fairly anticlimactic move, socially conscious filmmaker Sidney Lumet chose a fellow traveler to join him in the afterlife, taking the minor, counterculture actor Michael Sarrazin. More difficult to understand is the latter’s selection of NYC Marathon great Grete Waitz. That move seems to be a reaction to Sarrazin’s flop as a host of Saturday Night Live in 1978. It appears that, in addition to having it in for NYC generally, he may also have believed that Waitz was related to SNL short-filmmaker Gary Weis.

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  1. funkentelic says:

    Super ex-president Jimmy Carter seems to have been so emboldened by his avoidance of a Lumet/Mubarak/Carter triad that he has formed a group of similarly ineffectual failed leaders called The Elders. This is apparently styled after the Justice League.

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