Celebrity Death Triad Complete – Taylor/Ferraro/Social Media

In a bold move, budding professor/pseudo intellectual, art circuit groupie and Oscar co-host James Franco declares that “social media is dead”. To demonstrate his conviction, this Kevorkian of pop culture (and most notably “Freaks and Geeks” co-star) boldly deleted his Twitter account. In an ironic twist, this move was widely broadcast by his publicist.

When considering this Celebrity Death Triad, one must first answer the gating question as to how Social Media can even be included in the CDT. The Mellow Elvis Collective reminds its loyal followers that in 1982, the Time Magazine Person of the Year was “The Computer” (we cautiously add that Time’s 2006’s Person of the Year was “You” – which should accordingly strike terror into the heart of any CDT adherent). If a computer can be classified as a “Person”, we have no choice but to close out the Elizabeth Taylor/Geraldine Ferraro/Social Media triad. The precedent exists, and we ask if there a more reliable source than Time Magazine? Perhaps only ET or the Huffington Post can even approach the vaunted status of Time.

This begs the follow-up: Why would Geraldine Ferraro want to take out Social Media? Was it lack of followers on her Twitter account? Was it dearth of Facebook Friends? We can only speculate (which is what we really only do anyways), but Gerri, you struck at the heart of the Baby Boomers who now embrace the “new technology”. I guess if Al Gore can invent the internet, Gerri Ferraro can take down Social Media. Franco, you were an unwitting conduit for this vengeful act. (Note: consider elevating the CDT Threat Level for Franco from “green” to “yellow”)

Now, in the best of Franconian traditions. we shall Tweet the death of Social Media.

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2 Responses to Celebrity Death Triad Complete – Taylor/Ferraro/Social Media

  1. Smokie says:

    Awesome analysis.

    Nice follow up to the Oscars Franco. Didn’t do enough damage and has to kill off social media too. Don’t you realize how many jobs this will eliminate? Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  2. funkentelic says:

    I buy the inclusion of social media as an entity that is triad-worthy. But it makes me wonder whether Franco’s reports of its demise, like those of the King’s, might be much exaggerated.

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