Celebrity Death Triad Alert – Robin Gibb Hospitalized in UK

Internal Gibb Triad?

Undisclosed ailment. CDT issuing a “Code Yellow”.

This would not only complete the Taylor/Ferraro Triad, but also the Andy/Maurice Internal Gibb Triad.

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5 Responses to Celebrity Death Triad Alert – Robin Gibb Hospitalized in UK

  1. jiggleepuf says:

    First of all, I wish RG a speedy recovery. We all want him to be ‘in the green’ for many years to come.

    The particulars of this are a little disturbing. Given the nature of the illness we should consider raising it to orange.


  2. funkentelic says:

    How is Barry?

    • mellowelvis says:


      As you know, Robin is the twin to Maurice, who passed away seven years ago with complications from an intestinal twist. Since that time, Robin has been vigilant in his health regime, even going so far as to adopt a Vegan diet. We trust this hospitalization for abdominal pain falls under an “ounce of prevention” category.

  3. chiotlune says:

    A lot of people are saying the same things particularly after the events in Belgium. It is clear that Robin suffers from precisely the same ailment that claimed his brother. Robin himself discussed the situation in an interview with a British newspaper.

    It was a shock, I was told my intestine could burst at any time and I could be dead

    Even though he’s at home with his wife, I propose he remain at level yellow for his health personally.

    • fat tootsie roll says:

      And speaking of Ms. Gibb, I am sure that you are aware that she is a follower of the occult and is most certainly aware of the arcane traditions of the Celebrity Death Triad.

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