Judge Judy to Arbitrate Wiki/Celebrity Death Triad Dispute?

Submitted to Judge Judy’s website April 1, 2011

“Wikipedia violated their procedures for review/approval of new articles and arbitrarily denied appeal. The article: ‘Celebrity Death Triad’ was submittted and immediately rejected as a hoax although there were several credible citations for this superstitious tradition. [Editor’s note: This is not the Mellow Elvis Collective official position, but a nod to mainstream thought] The matter is further complicated by the existence of other articles in Wikipedia that cover subjects such as ‘Bigfoot’, ‘Baseball Superstitions’, etc. This is an arbitrary application of rules and we are seeking Judge Judy’s assistance in correcting this unfair treatment by providing for an impartial venue for appeal”.

Respectfully Yours, Mellow Elvis Collective

If you are a supporter of the Mellow Elvis Collective or perhaps a Judge Judy fan, please add your voice to this important issue.

****UPDATE**** Day 5 and no response from Judge Judy. We are preparing a Writ of Certiorari.

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