Celebrity Death Triad vs Wikipedia – Part III

The conspiracy continues. It is Wikipedia policy that if an article is rejected that there is an appeal process available. Also, the editor must publish the reasons why the article was rejected. The appeal process was initiated by Mellow Elvis immediately upon notification that the article was rejected.

Now it appears that the entry: Celebrity Death Triad has been completely expunged from the Wikipedia pages. There is no file to retrieve. There is no response from R Haworth pending. It is as if the Celebrity Death Triad never existed.

What is the rationale for such an aggressive action on the part of Wikipedia? As a follower of CDT indicated the other day – if there is an article on Bigfoot (a blatant hoax), why would the CDT be rejected out of hand. We extensively research the criteria for deletion and were anxiously awaiting R Haworth to publish the basis for rejection. Now, no such explanation will be forthcoming.

Do you think this will stop us? Maybe we should have an independent arbiter of the truth decide this matter. Perhaps Mellow Elvis and R Haworth can hash this out in Judge Judy’s Courtroom. Are you up to the challenge R Haworth and Wikipedia?

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6 Responses to Celebrity Death Triad vs Wikipedia – Part III

  1. ThatsaMe says:

    I’m not so sure I would accept that Sasquatch is a hoax. Have you ever hear the story of “Weed”? I understand that it will be made in to a movie. But I get your point, one has to come crawling to Wikipedia, admitting that what you know is just a myth, if you want to get past their all-knowing gatekeepers.

    • fat tootsie roll says:

      “Weeds” or “Weed”? I am familiar with the former, but not that latter. How does the story relate to the Bigfoot phenomenon?

  2. Funkentelic says:

    Did you know that Wikipedia has an entry for Celebrity Death Match? Yet it denies recognition to Celebrity Death Triads?

  3. mellowelvis says:

    Funken — somethings are best left unsaid.

  4. funkentelic says:

    I am tweeting about this unfairness. Let Jay Wales explain his hypocrisy to the world.

    • Jon says:

      It is great that there might be an ally for Mellow Elvis on the “Inside”. Has anyone from the Mellow Elvis Collective contacted Judge Judy to air this dispute in her courtroom? If legal help is needed, I am willing to contribute my time.

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