Celebrity Death Triad vs Wikipedia

Why would Wikipedia threaten to repress the truth about the Celebrity Death Triad? Why would Wikipedia claim that an entry citing the evidence of the existence of the CDT is a hoax? What are they afraid of? Who is pulling the strings in an attempt to repress this information?

At this time, the speedy deletion of the CDT entry is under review. If you seek the dissemination of the truth, add you voice to those who support the inclusion of the CDT entry in Wikipedia.

Let’s hope that the TRUTH is not the third victim of the Taylor Ferraro Triad. Gerry wouldn’t do that, would she….



Claims blatant vandalism and patent hoax.

“Judge not, lest Ye be Judged”

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9 Responses to Celebrity Death Triad vs Wikipedia

  1. Greg says:

    This is an outrageous attempt at censorship by Wikipedia. Why not let the news come out? What is their concern? So much for democracy. 😦

  2. Funkentelic says:

    Mellowelvis: I have done what I can to support you very valid entry on Wikipedia. I thought the theory of that site was to allow for the democratic dissemination of knowledge. Let others refine it and refine the reference, there is no denying the basic and immediate truth of the entry.

  3. Greg says:

    Why won’t the bureaucrats at Wikipedia let the process function? What are they afraid of? Or, should I ask, who are they afraid of?

  4. ThatsaMe says:

    Hasn’t Wikipedia learned anything from the recent events in the Middle East? Or, for that matter, didn’t the thought police there watch tonight’s speech by President Obama? Ultimately, this nation stands for democracy. As the previous posters have said, let it be? Let it be, yeah, let it be!

  5. mellowelvis says:

    I don’t understand. The concept of death triad has a long and established tradition over centuries of writing and artwork. A celebrity death triad is new, reportedly discovered accidentally by Milton Berle in the 1950s.

    If they remove this tenet of faith, then I suspect there are others which need to be similarly expunged in the pursuit of “truth”. Whatever that means for Wiki.

  6. Jon says:

    This is a travesty. Don’t be cruel Wikipedia!

    What can I do to help get out the word about the Mellow Elvis Collective and the metaphysical reality of the Celebrity Death Triad. This Elvis ain’t so mellow – you guys rock!

  7. smokershookup says:

    They censored me too. I guess smokershookup.com doesn’t fit into the Wiki Worldview.

    • Humo says:

      Perhaps smoking is not PC enough for them.

      • smokershookup says:

        Why would the Wikipedia editors want to preclude an article aimed at a large portion of our society that participates in a legal activity? Said article would inform readers about a site that facilitates social relationships between like minded individuals. I am utterly flabbergasted.

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