Celebrity Death Triad vs Wikipedia Part II

There are plenty of sites on Wikipedia that contain more controversial subject matter than the CDT. Who else has been unfairly censored by these information dictators? Why does MY world view have to conform with YOUR world view Wiki? I thought you were all about creating an equal playing field. Guess not R. Haworth, if that is your real name.

The Info Stasi

The Info Stasi

R Haworth reveals himself. The so-called arbiter of the collective knowledge that is Wikipedia. You are exposed for what you are, an information fascist.

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9 Responses to Celebrity Death Triad vs Wikipedia Part II

  1. mellowelvis says:

    Would Wiki be happier if we posted the article as a myth or superstition? Would couching the truth of the CDT fit in better in Wiki World if this took on the form of a fairy tale or better yet, a well orchestrated practical joke. Yeah, R Haworth, I bet that would make it past your self-determined moral and scholarly code.

    He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones.

  2. mellowelvis says:

    Foretold is forewarned.

  3. smokershookup says:

    Man, I want to get some of what Mellow Elvis has got. On second thought, maybe Melvis should settle down and get out in the “Kentucky Rain” to cool down.

  4. jon says:

    Compelling picture. A sentinel perched precariously atop a ruin. Made more interesting by the fact that the subject himself is preparing to take a photo, while being photographed himself.

    The observer becomes the observed as he stands atop a crumbling edifice.


  5. mellowelvis says:

    I’d probably put him down as more of a naive idealist. He yearns for an unattainable utopian reality. The picture is a metaphor — I think he’s looking to his dreams atop the rubble of human existence. Perhaps it is a tribute to our genetic inheritance and how it colors our daily activities and interactions.

    Yet he still searches the horizon. From his stoic expression I sense he might glimpse in the far distance the rising sun of new society in which Wiki needs no defensive soldiers such as himself. A whisper reaches him “not yet”. This nourishes him to re-assume his editorial responsibilities.

    Though he doesn’t need me or my support, I give it freely. I shall name him “Morning Star” the star that precedes the sun at dawn.

  6. funkentelic says:

    I would call him Mourning Bum; mourning his own puny existence as he lashes out at those who aspire to something better; fiercely resistant to falling off his lowly perch as a light is shown upon his petty tyranny.

  7. ThatsaMe says:

    I note, as Funkentelic recently tweeted, that Wikipedia has an entry for Celebrity Death Match but none for Celebrity Death Triad. How can they possibly reconcile this inconsistency when the former is so clearly derivative of the latter?

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