Liz Taylor/Geraldine Ferraro

OK, 2011 has been a relatively quiet year so far. We here at the CDT have been confused by the array of minor celebrity passages and are still trying to make sense of it all. What we do know is that the Gallagher Near Death Experience (NDE) sent shockwaves through the CDT staff. Did the Gallagher NDE cause the Japan earthquake and horrific tsunami – and subsequent firing of Gilbert Gottfried. Was he somehow involved in this whole Taylor scenario – don’t know, but would not put anything past him.

All prelude to the present. Some have suggested that Nate Dogg took down Liz Taylor. Unlikely because Taylor was a superstar. In all fairness though, Taylor was quite debilitated at the time of her death, which may have provided an opening for Dogg. Don’t know, but we just don’t buy it.

All we know is that is the start to something much larger than we all can contemplate. In hindsight we may find many answers to the unsettled psychic nature of 2011. All we can say for now is hold on to your hats, the Liz Taylor passing has no doubt unleashed an unstoppable chain of events. Stay tuned to CDT, your CNN of Celebrity Deaths.

Liz Taylor, like Jane Russell, was a lady but
also a woman. Such women applauded the sexual revolution and the new level of
equality of women in the workplace, in the home, and in the bedroom. What they feared most was a return to the barren gender relationships of the past. They respected man as a partner in this new world. In their world-view, the man was an able political leader and logical thinker.

Liz felt some women over-reached and put the entire cause in jeopardy. One of those women was Geraldine Ferraro and, although ET waited long for her revenge, in the end it was sure.

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