Jackson Psychic Energy

One year anniversary of the now infamous ’09 Summer of Celebrity Deaths.  Almost seems impossible looking back on it.  I am concerned about any psychic energy left floating around from Jackson.  The public emotions may re-energize the King of Pop and then who could dare to predict the outcome from such an outpouring?  Followers of the Collective feel free to weigh in on this subject.

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1 Response to Jackson Psychic Energy

  1. mellowelvis says:

    Our staff has been analyzing the poll since 12:00 midnight EDT and some interesting trends have been discovered. By a large majority, voters believed that Michael Jackson does have the psychic energy to initiate a new triad, possibly ushering in a Summer of Celebrity Death II. In addition, 25% of respondents thought that his powers were somehow linked to the devotion of his fans. Finally, a Mr. Wolf Blitzer wrote in his own response, which we dismiss as a childish prank.

    If our respondents are correct, tune into the blog or follow tweets as we nervously await any news of celebrity deaths.

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