McClanahan Triad

Summer 2008 Estelle Getty Summer 2009 Bea Arthur – She was an Initiating Celebrity Death in the now-famous Summer of Celebrity Deaths Meltdown of ’09 Summer 2010 Rue McLanahan – will Rue have the same star energy? Is Betty White somehow orchestrating these passages in exchange for her own rekindled career? This may be all moot as the real question is: Who will Rue take? We would have normally selected Gary Coleman, but unfortunately he was taken by Ronny James Dio (and who in a spectacular move knocked off Dennis Hopper). Perhaps Larry King is in Rue’s sights. Just the thought of it sends a chill down our Collective spine. We are on high alert for the next Celebrity Death…. jon

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7 Responses to McClanahan Triad

  1. Jon Mellow Elvis says:

    The Collective would deem McClanahan to be a moderate, if not borderline high level celebrity. (what do you all think of placing celebrity on a scale of 1 to 10? Simple linear scale, not logarithmic as it would be too confusing) Other clues, unexpected passing – therefore psychic energy level moderate to high (not high, due to her age). Might have jumped the gun on calling King, but we like to keep him out there….Potential enemies??


  2. Jon Mellow Elvis says:

    Rue McClanahan takes John Wooden. Now Wooden is up at bat. To paraphrase Nazareth: “Now you’re messing with a son of a bitch”.

  3. Jeff Mellow Elvis says:

    Wooden was all about accomplishment commensurate with ability and achievement over recognition. Is there any better choice than the humble Jimmy Dean?

  4. mellowelvis says:

    Jimmy Dean rounds out the triad. John Wooden takes Jimmy Dean – why – the answer is simple: Sausage.

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