The Mellow Elvis Collective has been the repository of arcane knowledge which finds connections between the deaths of celebrities. This connection is simply known as the Celebrity Death Triad. Why Triad – simply because in nature as in the world of celebrity, things occur in “threes”. Why celebrities – as we all know, celebrities are not normal people, they are the objects of envy and desire. They occupy our every thought. Nothing important occurs without the involvement of a celebrity. So, we here at the Mellow Elvis Collective have observed a pattern over the past twenty years whereby celebrity deaths occur in bundles of three. The first celebrity sets the tone for the balance of the triad. For example, this newest celebrity death triad was “kicked off” (pun intended) by one Rue McCLanahan. The passing of Rue is known as the Initiating Celebrity Death. Upon the occurrence of the Initiating Celebrity Death, that celebrity will select the next celebrity to die. The Second Celebrity Death then enables that second celebrity to choose the third. Unfortunately the Final Celebrity Death in the Triad has no selection or influence upon the Initiating Celebrity Death in the following Triad. Simple enough. It is important to check in at the Celebrity Death Triad blog on a fairly regular basis. It is YOUR source for up to the minute information and analysis on celebrity deaths. We are constantly monitoring media outlets to serve the needs of the Collective and our many fans. The Collective will both predict and reflect upon patterns associated with celebrity deaths. Prediction can be a bit of a Parlor Game, and we have our favorites whom we regularly target. Take these merely as suggestions as the Mellow Elvis Collective IMPELS but does not COMPEL. Most insightful are the revelations provided by the dead celebrity themselves as evidenced by the selections that they make.

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